About ‘We Will Be OK.’

Hi everyone! I am SO glad you made it to this blog. My name is Emma, and I am 22 years old. I decided to create this blog as an extension of my online life. I tend to be very open about my mental health on social media, and I thought this would be an ideal way to compact all of my thoughts and ideas together in one place.

I am not sure how this blog will flow; I don’t have a definite plan. However, my intentions are to not only share my personal experiences on mental health, but also to encourage all of those around me to do the same! Sharing such private, intimate parts of our lives can be extremely difficult, but I am a firm believer in how talking and venting our feelings helps reduce the weight they bear down on us. I will also be sharing resources I find personally useful, in the hope that they will also help others.

More about me: I am a university dropout (depression sucks), who is started over in September 2017, studying Psychology. I want to get into mental health, a subject very close to my heart. I have two cats, a twin sister, and pink hair.

Thanks for dropping by!