Back to the past.

On Tuesday, I got the chance to do something I haven’t been able to do for nearly two years – go back to Plymouth! (I have been there a handful of times since to visit family, but this felt like the first PROPER Plymouth trip since October 2015!)

For those who don’t know, I was a student at Plymouth University from September 2014 to May 2015. Although a relatively short amount of time, it quickly became my home and one of my favourite places in the world! Having to withdraw from uni and move back home away from Plymouth was such a hard thing for me to have to do, and I still miss it there more than I can say.

The awesome building I used to study in.

Needless to say, I was buzzing for this two day trip! I had already planned out everything that I wanted to do there. Visit my old halls, the Hoe, the Barbican, go shopping, etc. I wanted just two days of pretending that it was still my life and that I hadn’t lost touch with it completely.

Living so close to the sea was such a joy!

It turned out to be a very bittersweet trip. On one hand, I was literally squealing with excitement when I came close to any place I used to love spending time. I could not WAIT to relive my past life! But, on the other hand, it ended up making me really sad. I was imagining myself as the student I used to be, but then reality hit me: I wasn’t going to go back up to my bedroom in my old flat. I wasn’t going to be spending time with my old flatmates. And that HURT.

Just LOOK at that beauty!!!

While I could remember my happy memories wherever we visited, it was also tainted with my not-so-happy ones. I looked up at my old bedroom window and remembered the hours I used to sleep there every day, too depressed to do anything. I remembered the benches overlooking the sea where I would go when I was sad. I remembered the times when I was too anxious to go to the 3D Design studio. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling.

At least I got to experience this LIFE CHANGING UNICORN HOT CHOCOLATE!

Despite all of this, I still do and will always love Plymouth. It comforted me through one of the most difficult times in my life. It is beautiful and fun and brings me more joy than most places do. I felt that after two years, my connection to it had started to fade. But now, I feel like my memories of that time are not completely lost.

Thank you, Plym.

At my happiest in my favourite place. ❤

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