100 Days of Roaccutane!

The day has finally come! Today is day 100 of my Isotretinoin (Roaccutane is a brand name, but probably more commonly recognised) treatment for my severe acne. Seems like a beautifully round number to have a little catch up on!

So much has happened with my skin over the past 100 days. Take a look below:

Day 1:

Day 10:

Day 20:

Day 30:

Day 40:

Day 50:

Day 60:

Day 70:

Day 80:

Day 90:

Day 100:

What a massive difference! My face, previously covered with seriously angry looking red bumps, whiteheads and scabs is now… smooth?!

Feels weird to say it. I was so used to my face feeling like a mini mountain range. So bumpy and uncomfortable.

I am left with lots of scarring and a fair amount of redness, but for me, the bumps were always the main concern for me. Flat scars are relatively easy to cover up if you want to, but putting make up over bumpy acne somehow always made it look worse.

And the best part – I still have just under three months left on these meds! So plenty more time for more good stuff to happen. I had to start the contraceptive pill (or any contraception, but I chose the pill) before starting Isotretinoin, and this can often have a positive effect on clearing skin too. So perhaps this gave my skin a little boost, as well. And I will most likely continue this after stopping Isotretinoin.

Side effects often accompany the positive effects of this drug. Dry skin is a common one, which I have definitely experienced. I’ve suffered with eczema for most of my life, so I am no stranger to dry skin, but this drug has definitely made things a little worse. Dry skin, dry lips, dry eyes, dry nostrils – you name it, I’ve probably had it. But I find them bearable. Lots of moisture, and grin and bear it. The amazing results are making it worth it!

Safe to say, I am thrilled with the results so far!

Have you taken Roaccutane/Isotretinoin? Or are you currently taking it? Let me know! I’d love to hear your experiences!


2 Replies to “100 Days of Roaccutane!”

  1. I’m so glad this has worked for you! You look amazing and you’re so brave to share everything on this blog with people you know reading it. It’s inspiring ❤️


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