Mondays are the best days.

I suspect a lot of us fall somewhere within these categories: loves Mondays, hates Mondays, and is indifferent to Mondays.

I love a good Monday, me.

The feeling of productivity usually hits me on Sunday nights. I am a HUGE fan of list making, and I get excited writing my to-do list for the next day. I do this every night, but Sundays into Mondays are my faves. The illusion of productivity and everything I am going to accomplish at the start of the week takes over.

Take today, for example. I have already had an asthma review, bought Father’s Day presents, and am writing this post in Starbucks (like I do most of my posts, fun fact). And it isn’t even 11am yet. Sometimes at this time, I am only just rolling out of bed or leaving the house. But not Mondays!

What makes Mondays so special in terms of productivity? I think it is the idea of a ‘fresh start’. New week, new me. The same reason people make New Year’s resolutions. The previous year is over and new one is starting. You can draw a line under the past. Prime time to accomplish! I expect a lot of people use Mondays as an excuse to postpone things. I know I do. ‘I will start eating more healthily on Monday.’ ‘I will go for a run on Monday.’ ‘I will do all of my errands on Monday.’ This is basically me every day. Putting things off. I am the Queen of Procrastination.

But, here is some potentially LIFE CHANGING news: you can restart at any time.

I read this on Tumblr or something a while ago. I can’t remember who it was, but they basically said you can start your day again at any time. This is revolutionary stuff!!! I saw it, and was like, ‘oh my God. I don’t have to wait another day or week or year to start again’. Might sound simple, but so many of us don’t do it.

How many times have you thought ‘well, I have ruined my healthy eating with that cake. I’ll just forget about it for the week and start again on Monday.’ I do, all the time. But… why wait till tomorrow when it is still today? Start again in an hour, or in five minutes, if you want to. Draw a line under the morning and treat the afternoon as a new day. Old habits and thought patterns are difficult to shake, though – I am still desperately trying to learn this technique myself!

I am guilty of this at the start of a new year, particularly. I make myself believe that if I have a bad start to the year, I am doomed to suffer for the rest of the year, too. This is where the phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ is not useful. If you get off on the wrong foot, don’t wait for a ‘new beginning’ to appear to inspire and drive you. Take a few minutes or hours, take some deep breaths, and get right back onto doing things the way you intended. Don’t lose out on precious time putting off things you know you really want to/should do.

Treat every day like it’s a Monday.

Wishing you a productive and happy week!


Bonus cats for making it this far. Everyone needs cats on a Monday. Say hi to Lucky and Luna!



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